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Updated August 28, 2016

by Michael Peirce


Publications: For Grads Only! The University Admissions Guide.


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For Grads Only provides up-to-date admissions information for universities across Canada!

CELEBRATING over 25 YEARS of providing useful, relevant university admissions information to counsellors and students!

The 29th edition of For Grads Only is an invaluable tool when researching admissions requirements. This counsellor and student resource is the only publication to include detailed entrance requirements to universities across the country. The information is updated annually to ensure everyone has the latest details on entrance requirements to universities.

  • Admission requirements
  • Required and recommended courses
  • 2016 Entrance average ranges
  • Undergraduate program charts
  • Residence information
  • English Language requirements
  • Dates & deadlines
  • Contact information

 With the increased competitiveness of Canadian Universities, For Grads Only becomes a critical publication to have on hand.

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