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Updated April 13, 2015

by Michael Peirce

Company Information

Peirce Educational Consulting was formed in 1995 to provide support to students, parents and counsellors involved in post-secondary educational decision-making. In addition to providing counselling services, the company produces a number of publications designed to support post-secondary educational decisions. Over the years, the company has broadened it services to further support educators as they work with the students in their schools. Whether training teachers, counsellors or administrators, or running workshops with students, the foundation for the company's philosophy has always centered on supporting appropriate decision making. Peirce Educational Publications is a subdivision of Peirce Educational Consulting. For a more detailed overview of the services or publications, please see those sections of the web site.


Peirce Educational Consulting is a family business run and operated by Mike and Carmen Peirce.  Mike oversees the educational content, training and counselling. Carmen is responsible for business management, clerical consulting, and publication sales. Both their biographies and résumés are available through the links below.


Michael Peirce, Ed.D.

Carmen Peirce


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