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by Michael Peirce


Articles and Presentations by Dr. Peirce


Peer Training

Lessons from a Journey with Peer Counselling
This article was published in the Peer Resources on-line magazine Peer Bulletin No. 169 (October 7, 2008). It is a discussion about Dr. Peirce's experiences while establishing a peer counselling program in his school and an outreach program with First Nations students in the Northwest Territories.

Post-Secondary Decision-Making

The University Selection Process: A Canadian Perspective
This article was published in INFO magazine in February, 1999 before eINFO was in existence. It summarizes the findings of Dr. Peirce's doctoral work on the university selection process including the types of variables which were considered by students. The article also contrasts the opinions of the students with their parents, guidance counsellors and the university admissions personnel.
Where Do We Go From Here?
A Parent's Guide to Helping with University Selection
This paper was the result of Dr. Peirce's work when he was awarded the Shell Canada Merit Fellowship in Career Education. It was intended as a guide to help parents support their children during the demanding post-secondary decision making process. This article served as the foundation for Dr. Peirce's book "It's Your Choice" and was presented to the Shell Canada Fellowship in Career education in 1983.
This document is Dr. Peirce's doctoral dissertation written following his research into the factors considered by students in the university decision-making process as well as the beliefs of parents, counsellors and admissions personnel. This PDF document is a download of about 4 MB.

Counselling Articles

The Advisor System: Friend or Foe for the Guidance Counsellor?

This article was written by Dr. Peirce and published in the Winter, 1998 edition of OSCA reports. It summarizes the characteristics of the Advisor Program at Appleby College at that time. This was a period when schools were considering the merits of the "TAG" program which was developed as a result of the Royal Commission on Learning which was published in 1995.

Summer Technology Institute for School Counsellors

This article waas written by Dr. Peirce in the Winter, 2000 edition of OSCA Reports. It reviews a program for the use of technology in counselling whiuch Dr. Peirce attended at Villanova University in the summer of 1999 taught by Ken Hartman. The web links mentioned in this article are no longer valid but one Dr. Hartman is still heavily involved in technology in education. His web site is


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